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Primary Research

What we do_

Adapt specializes in arming your firm with primary research skills and processes. Primary research focuses on gathering competitive intelligence directly from your most important external stakeholders: your clients, your leads, your partners, and your competitors. Adapt’s proprietary competitive intelligence process ensures that primary intelligence is available for strategic and tactical action throughout your enterprise.

Adapt is boutique consulting firm that focuses on training clients to maximize daily interactions with external stakeholders. Adapt’s competitive intelligence collection methodology is rooted in the concept of collecting and actioning voice of the customer intelligence throughout the enterprise. We concentrate on harnessing the voice of the customer insight for use in strategic and tactical decision making.

We provide externally facing employees such as sales, concierge, customer service, marketing, and business development professionals with tactics, techniques, and tools to fully leverage each interaction with external stakeholders for competitive intelligence collection purposes.


Leverage the customer

Competitive intelligence collected throughout your firm during sales calls.


Actionable competitive intelligence

Secure long-standing business relationships with your most important clients.


Competitive intelligence collection methodology

Exceed expectations and create awareness of customer needs throughout your enterprise.


Action voice of the

Competitive intelligence though product development and industry analysis.

Our Tools

Why Adapt_

Adapt’s proprietary competitive collection and action methodology is rooted in the idea that each interaction with a customer, a lead, a potential lead, and other stakeholders represents an invaluable opportunity to learn about the customer’s needs, wants, expectations, and what constitutes success. A well-planned interaction with a stakeholder can yield indispensable competitive intelligence to drive agile product development, marketing techniques, strategic direction and to improve or create competitive advantages.

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